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At Nexcom, we are dedicated to solving problems with mobile solutions

Nexcom HQ

Nexcom started out in 2001 as a wireless mobile management and technical solutions provider. Since then, we have continued to innovate in the field of mobility and lead the way in customer service. Over a decade of mobile communications experience has provided us with a wealth of knowledge to solve your organization’s mobility problems.

We recognized the increasing need to focus on leveraging communications technology as a competitive business advantage. This idea defines our offerings and we've spent 15 years expanding our products and services with great success. We owe this success to our employees.

Our employees make the company what it is today. All of our leaders have over 10 years of experience at Nexcom. Everyone is highly intellectual in their field and are empowered with great responsibility.

Nexcom is an open space for ideas and diversity. Everyone here promotes and encourages a diverse working environment made up of different areas of expertise, cultures and passions. We believe that with collaboration in those areas, the best solutions are created. At Nexcom, our people make innovation happen.

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Nexcom allows employees to lead. We believe that people need to work in an open space of ideas to reach their full potential. We are dedicated to giving our team the freedom to find where they fit in, take risks and learn from new experiences.

Embrace Diversity

Our staff members come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. This diversity allows us to have a much richer brainstorming experience while we are problem solving. We are constantly learning from one another, allowing employees to grow each and every day.

Our Team

Our team is big enough to provide expertise across multiple disciplines but small enough to focus on building satisfying customer relationships. Our certified technicians are skilled communicators committed to each client’s success.

Nexcom’s Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves on retaining customers through Nexcom’s Service Guarantee. Nexcom believes in building lasting partnerships with our clients by providing outstanding Help Desk and award-winning customer service. We hold ourselves accountable to the high standards we set. We are the best at what we do.

Our methodology is simple: Assess, Plan, Deploy…
and then Support like no other

  • During the Assessment phase, we gather metrics regarding the current environment and document the vision for the future
  • In the Planning phase, we use the Assessment report to design a solution
  • In the Deployment phase, we use outstanding project management to deliver the solution
  • Once Deployed, we support the solution
  • Over time, 90% of the relationship we have with our clients is spent in the support phase.
  • Once a solution is delivered, Nexcom uses a Managed Services approach to deliver reliable, consistent and cost-effective efficiencies, results and support

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