NVR Case Study

The Challenge

NVR, a national homebuilder and mortgage bank, needed a hand managing their growth.  NVR has been trusted by over 500,000 families with their new home across the U.S.  It takes a lot of technology in the field to sell and service their clients.  As a result of their success, NVR looked to streamline the management of assets in their models and look to Nexcom for assistance.

The Solution

After months of documentations and piloting processes, Nexcom is providing lifecycle management of critical equipment used to help field personnel provide a world class customer experience to every NVR home buyer.

Accomplishing large scale technology logistics takes everything Nexcom does well:  

  • A team of documentation and project leads
  • Management with logistics experience
  • A U.S. based help desk
  • Collaborative software tracking:
  • Inventory
  • Move, Add, Change (MAC)
  • Warranty
  • Incident resolution

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